U-Mark 10709 A20 Xylene-Free Paint Marker With Reversible Tip, 0.625″ Diameter, 5.3″ Length, Light Green Pack of 12

U-Mark 10709 - Greenlabel paint dries faster, is weather and water resistant and impervious to most industrial oils and solvents. Specifications: bullet tip mark width 1/8", Chisel tip mark width 3/16", Paint Contents 13 cc. Greenlabel xylene-free paint is designed for high performance. A20 markers have been tested and approved for use in leading industrial plants, not just because they are safer: they are a smarter choice.

A20 contains at least 30 percent more paint than standard paint markers, resulting in reduced impact on the environment. The user can choose between the standard bullet, or the broader chisel end of the tip for more marking options. A20's bullet/chisel tip is not only replaceable, it is reversible.

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U-Mark 10112 A10 Xylene-Free Paint Marker, 0.563" Diameter, 5.6" Length, Violet Pack of 12

U-Mark 10112 - Faster drying greenlabel paint is formulated to work in tough industrial environments. Replacement tips are available. Industrial strength paint, heavy duty aluminum barrel and reliable valve mechanism combine to provide the ideal combination of top quality and competitive price. Paint contents 10 cc. Hd bullet tip is designed to withstand repetitive industrial marking.

Re-primes quickly even when the cap is left off. Permanent on virtually all surfaces, rubber, plastics, glass, including metal, ceramics and more. Medium tip mark width 5/64". Opaque colors show up well even when marking dark surfaces.

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